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Looking to create your own bike share program?

BLOOM is a unified mobility sharing platform

that recognizes complex, organic mobility programs require solutions designed to grow alongside them.

BLOOM is an open sharing eco-system.

Where a seed of an idea can grow into a robust mobility network.

BLOOM is a software platform for sharing diplomacy.







Software that mixes open hardware with bikes and mobility infrastructure

Where bikes and technologies can blend together seamlessly

Creating a cohesive system from disparate technologies.

All with an eye toward how user envisions it.

A user first approach and best in class experience.

Designed to integrate with existing systems and to be flexible to accommodate growth.

Conserving past and future investments, while creating a sustainable mobility eco-system.

Need bikes?
Build a custom, BLOOM-ready fleet with
Republic Bike.

For organic and evolving transit environments where custom, flexible solutions are integral to growth,
BLOOM makes mobility flourish.

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